OAU VC Visits Mosque, Receives Kudos and Challenges from Muslim Community: A Path Towards Unity and Progress

OAU VC Visits Mosque, Receives Kudos and Challenges from Muslim Community

In a move that further strengthens the relationship between the university administration and the Muslim community, Obafemi Awolowo University Vice Chancellor, Professor Simone Bamire, paid a visit to the OAU Central Mosque of Unity on Friday, December 1st, 2023. This timely visit came just days before the university’s 47th Convocation Ceremony, adding a sense of unity and shared purpose to the air.

During the Jummah service, the Imam offered prayers for the Vice Chancellor’s successful tenure, praising his efforts in the past few months since assuming office. The Muslim community expressed their appreciation for the positive changes he has implemented, highlighting specific initiatives such as:

👉🏼 Construction of a smooth road leading to the mosque, facilitating easier access for worshippers.

👉🏼 Approval of pending promotions for many lecturers, including Muslim faculty members, recognizing their contributions and dedication.

👉🏼 Employment of a new Muslim lecturer in the Department of Religion Studies, strengthening the department and providing valuable representation.

👉🏼 Other noteworthy actions that have demonstrably improved the lives and experiences of the Muslim community within the university.

However, the Imam also presented some key challenges and expectations from the administration on behalf of the Muslim community. These included:

✅ Employing additional lecturers for the Department of Islamic Studies, as currently only two faculty members are available for the course, making it difficult to adequately cater to the needs of students.

✅ Establishing Arabic language as a course offered by the Department of Foreign Languages, providing students with the opportunity to learn this important language and broaden their cultural understanding.

✅ Implementing further measures to promote equality and inclusivity within the university community, ensuring that all religious groups feel valued and respected.

The Imam’s sermon concluded with a call for the Vice Chancellor to continue promoting unity and understanding among all members of the university community. This message resonated strongly with the congregation, who expressed their hope for a future characterized by collaboration, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to the well-being of the entire OAU family.

Following the Imam’s remarks, Professor Simone Bamire was given the opportunity to address the congregation after the prayer. His speech acknowledged the importance of the Muslim community to the university and highlighted his administration’s commitment to addressing their concerns and fostering an environment where all faiths can thrive. He also outlined specific plans and initiatives to be implemented in the near future, addressing the issues raised by the Imam and demonstrating his genuine interest in working together with the Muslim community for the betterment of the university.

This visit to the Central Mosque of Unity served as a powerful symbol of collaboration and mutual understanding between the university administration and the Muslim community. It provided a platform for open communication, recognition of achievements, and the setting of clear objectives for the future. As OAU prepares for its 47th Convocation Ceremony, this spirit of unity and shared purpose promises to contribute significantly to the success of the event and beyond.

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