OAU Muslim Community Lauds MSSN's Ramadan Feeding Program - A Testament to Dedication and Collaboration

OAU Muslim Community Lauds MSSN’s Ramadan Feeding Program – A Testament to Dedication and Collaboration

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has emerged from Ramadan with not just a sense of accomplishment, but a wave of appreciation washing over them from the Muslim community. Their ambitious undertaking – a daily feeding program for over 600 students across campus throughout the entire holy month – was a logistical marvel that tested their resources, resolve, and ultimately, brought them closer together.

From Fundraising Frenzy to Food Distribution:

The program’s foundation was laid long before Ramadan began. MSSN OAU members embarked on a relentless fundraising drive. Every spare moment was dedicated to approaching potential sponsors, organizing events, and soliciting donations from within their own ranks. The pressure was immense – ensuring they had enough resources to sustain a feeding program of this scale for a full 30 days. Sleepless nights and countless meetings became the norm, a testament to their unwavering commitment to serving their fellow students.

Students Rise to the Ramadan Challenge:

But the story doesn’t end with fundraising. The spirit of Ramadan truly blossomed when student volunteers, including even freshers new to campus life, joined the MSSN’s welfare team. These volunteers were the backbone of the operation. Long hours were spent in cramped kitchens, chopping onions, stirring simmering pots, and ensuring hundreds of meals were prepared hygienically and efficiently. The physical demands were significant, especially during the sweltering Ramadan days, yet the volunteers persevered, their dedication fueled by the spiritual significance of the month.

Logistics Like a Ramadan Race:

The real race began each day after food preparation. With four designated locations spread across the sprawling OAU campus, a meticulous transportation system had to be established. Volunteers carefully packed and loaded the meals, ensuring they arrived at each distribution point steaming hot and ready to serve. This intricate dance, repeated daily for 30 days, became a test of the team’s organizational skills and tireless work ethic. The scorching sun and the demands of their own fasts became secondary concerns as they ensured their fellow students received sustenance throughout Ramadan.

Looking Ahead: Building on a Ramadan Ramadan Legacy

The resounding praise from students, staff, and the wider Muslim community has served as a sweet reward for the MSSN OAU team. Students who might have otherwise struggled to observe Ramadan due to financial constraints were able to fully participate in the holy month. This outpouring of gratitude has only strengthened the MSSN’s resolve to continue this vital program in the years to come.

However, they readily acknowledge the need for even greater support. To reach an even larger number of students next Ramadan, the MSSN encourages donations from the general public. Every contribution, financial or in the form of volunteered time, will make a significant difference. With the backing of the community, MSSN OAU aspires to not just sustain, but expand their Ramadan feeding program.

The just-concluded Ramadan program is a testament to the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of the MSSN OAU team. It serves as a beacon of hope, not just for the Muslim community at OAU, but for all who believe in the power of collective action and the importance of supporting one another during sacred times. The echoes of Ramadan may have faded, but the lessons learned and the bonds forged during this incredible feat will undoubtedly resonate within the MSSN OAU and the wider OAU community for years to come.

Yusuff Ibrahim O

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